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Supreme Education

Without being fanatizado. The important part of a well-rounded education as indicated in the Mexican Constitution is to focus learning on the evolution of the consciousness of the students in developing the capacity of holistic understanding of the kosmos. If education does not meet the objective of raising the level of thinking, is an education that does not work, because the Supreme goal of education of the 21st century is to be the conduit for the evolution of consciousness, expanding the capabilities of human beings to be more conscious, autonomous and accountable. This is one of the last books of Dr. Gallegos, this book analyzes the difference between types of intelligences and the importance of discernment to achieve spiritual intelligence. The concept of spiritual intelligence is considered the newest and the oldest known that at least 2,500 years ago, when the Buddha called it thorough vision or Vipassana; He pointed out that it was the ability of penetrative vision to understand the profound reality of the phenomena, I think understanding and much more the achievement of that spiritual intelligence is difficult, but some roads are defined in this work to try at least. I think the contribution of Howard Gardner in 1967 on the theory of multiple intelligences is one part water in the practice of teachers, their work yielded much valuable information to diversify the way which was practiced process teaching and learning with, traditional methods with the standardization of ways and means, without considering the various capabilities of students. However this differentiation is not sufficient for holistic education, because it leaves out the part of being human, spirituality and thus continues the fragmentation, since these intelligences are just parts of one greater whole, components of a higher reality, fragments of a superior intelligence. One of the problems generated in the field of education is the term spirituality, often confused with religion, however spirituality is inseparable from the human being, inherent and through her he transcends, is the essence of everything that exists and is beyond everything that exists beyond the ego.

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