Fourth Crusade

Research conducted by Brian M. Fagan, Professor of anthropology at the University of California, and world authority with regard to prehistory. The shroud of Turin is a great linen fabric of 4.3 metres long, 1.1 meters wide that has front and back image of a man who apparently died crucified. This fact already aroused interest; but the assertion that is true mortuary mantle of Jesus Christ has become a magnet for controversy. The same claim has led to a thorough scientific examination and the holding of international conferences. In 1978, an exhibition of the shroud attracted three million people. Some believe that the history of the shroud of Turin began in the year 1357, when Geoffrey II of Charney he exhibited at Lirey (France). Earlier mentions of images of Jesus are known.

In the 4th century a source tells that Addai or Thaddaeus painted a picture of Jesus in Edessa (Syria). Another source of the 6th century recounts that Jesus dried is the face with a towel and it was printed his image. Christ gave that image to an emissary of king Abgar de Eddesa; from the year 944 Byzantine troops took the image to Constantinople (Istanbul), the image remained there until the year 1204, when the Knights of the Fourth Crusade sacked the city and took their treasures, including the image. This would explain how he came to France and was exhibited there in the 14th century. When look the image of the shroud that looks?; see a yellow silhouette on a white background, it is a negative image of a crucified man face and back. Three-dimensional information can also be seen. The image shows an incredible amount of details; such as: human anatomy is represented with great precision, including injuries caused by beatings, we see blood coming out of the wounds made by nails in the wrists and feet, blood in the scalp and details of the hair and beard.

Financial Education

Every parent want their children to thrive and succeed in life. An important part of that success will be determined by its ability to generate income that will provide a good standard of living, at least as good as that it had and hopefully better still.That is why one of the biggest efforts of any parent is the invest in the education of their children. In conjunction with the Government, spend billions of dollars a day to ensure that the next generation has the proper education so that they can not only survive, but hopefully prosper in life and make an important contribution to society.To achieve this the best option at our disposal is the recourse to traditional education designed by competent government agencies that propose a curriculum that delivers a so-called comprehensive education to our children.However, few know that traditional education has as its ultimate objective produce an individual who is well prepared for the labour market. Do not even consider the option of educating a person as a future entrepreneur. If you are not convinced, visit Gerald Weissmann, MD. Higher education nor does provide this alternative. The curriculum of the vast majority of universities that offer careers related to the management of finance, economics or business administration, aims to equip a person with the necessary tools to be able to be used in any administrative charge within an already established company.One thing is clear, their children will not learn to handle money, much less to invest in the school.

The majority of people who graduate from school, and even universities, don’t know carry a checkbook, don’t have the minimum skills to ensure proper accounting and much less how to invest the money that go to work hard. What has happened with the financial education?It is practically non-existent, some exceptions in which parents are companies in which the children have the opportunity to learn from a good model, when his studies leave them time enough to be able to engage in it!Independent of Ud want their children whether businessmen or not, the important thing is that their children discover their strengths and exploit them in such a way in the future having economic stability, which can sustain a family and live happily.And that is very difficult to achieve if we are giving them an education that teaches them how to generate an income, without also giving them the tools so they know what to do with him once he is in their hands. It is time that we as parents understand that we are giving them only 50% of the formula for success if we ignore financial education.